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  • Are Car Trailers or RVs Allowed?
    Yes, Trailers for your race cars are allowed IF YOU PURCHASE "RACE CAR" ticket. If you want to bring an RV, there is a separate ticket that must be purchased due to limited quatity and space.
  • What is not permitted at the drag strip?
    No alcohol, No weapons, No RVs, No DRONES and No Cameras mounted on the outside of cars racing down the track are allowed. We also do not allow outside food or beverages. No wagons, scooters, bikes or strollers. We reserve the right to search all purses, bags and backpacks.
  • Who sanctions the drag strip?
    WDRA - (World Drag Racing Alliance) Click on link to learn more or become a member.
  • What type of Timing Equipment do you have?
    We use the PortaTree Competition Eliminator. It gives the racer data of their Reaction Time, 60' E.T., 330' E.T. and 330' MPH. These are the most important numbers needed in all drag racing track distances necessary for tuning.
  • Is STREET LEGAL a "class" or the only rules of the track?
    STREET LEGAL means a CLASS of Cars . It is not the RULE for EVERY CLASS of CAR that races on the track. If you are running a STREET LEAGL DRAGS event the rules are as follows. Cars/Motorcycles must have "current tags" Registered to the racer. Racer must have a Valid Drivers License Cars/Motorcycles must have working Muffler(s). Turbo cars, must have a down pipe that exits into the exhaust. Cars/Motorcycles must use D.O.T. Tires or Slicks. Cars/Motorcycles must be in safe working order. ( Brakes, Battery secure, All Lug Nuts, Overflow catch can, Working Lights, Seat Belts, No excessive Camber) No missing or broken windows. No Cracked Windshields! NO PASSENGERS allowed in cars on the track. Helmet: Only required for Convertibles, Caged Cars and Vehicles over certain E.T. or MPH at the discretion of TECH. Motorcycle Riders must wear Helmet, Jacket, Jeans and closed toed Shoes. These rules do not apply to other Race Cars or Classes. Race Cars are defined by Class Rules set by Sanctioning Bodies and/or the Track Manager per Insurance requirements.
  • What does a no prep track mean?
    A no-prep track means that the race track surface is not sprayed with traction glue ( PJ1, VHT). While that can be beneficial to some cars with High Horsepower, it usually is not good for 95% of that cars that race at our track. Prepping a track with traction glues can often lead to lots of parts breakage and oil downs that cause clean up delays during the events, which would mean not much fun for the racers or spectators. The conditions at Street Legal Dragway are realistic to what "REAL STREET RACING" is ..... on Asphalt. Traction can only be achieved with the racer making changes to suspension, tire pressure and his foot on the it should be.
    Yes! Race Cars are allowed to race at Street Legal Dragway. Rules for Race Cars are defined by Class Rules set by Sanctioning Bodies( i.e. SFI, WDRA , NHRA , IHRA), Event Promoter, and/or the Track Manager per Insurance requirements.
  • Where is the drag strip located?
    We are located at the Lake Perris Fairgrounds. 18700 Lake Perris Drive. Perris, CA 92571 Gate D
  • How long is the drag strip?
    The "racing distance" is 1/16 mile (330ft). The shutdown length is 670 feet.
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